Cosplay – Aerith Gainsborough – Day 1

So I’m finally, really and truly, throwing my hat into the cosplay ring.  Yup.  You heard me.  No more pretending I’m going to use it to lose weight and get in shape.  No more throwing an album up on Facebook with all these characters I’d “like” to cosplay “someday.”  Someday is nigh, my friends!!  And not only is someday nigh, it begins today.

I get the feeling Ben should be scared…

But Ben’s well-deserved fear of the beast that’s being unleashed in me is not the topic of this post.  Nay, it is the wonderousness of my first ever cosplay.  I’m doing this the right way.  I’m making my own.  No ordering mass-produced cosplay online.  I’m starting from scratch and making this work from the ground up.

My first cosplay is going to be Aeris Gainsborough from Final Fantasy VII.  Now, I realize that this is a fairly over-done and predictable cosplay.  But I do have reasons for doing her first.

  1. Aeris is not too far removed from the way I already look.
  2. Her costume is fairly simple as far as game/anime costumes are concerned and shouldn’t be terribly difficult for me to do as my first ever clothing-sewing project.
  3. It’s not super-skimpy.  I’m not terribly comfortable in my own skin right now, and even if I don’t lose as much weight as I want to before the costume’s debut, I won’t be too embarrassed.
  4. It’s a recognizable cosplay.  I won’t have to explain myself eighty thousand times over a three-day convention.

Last night, I bought the fabric, thread, and a basic pattern for the costume.  (I am officially in love with JoAnn Fabrics.)  Here’s a picture of the fabric and thread.

Aeris Fabric/Thread

I’m really impressed with how well the thread and fabric match. The fabric is very lightweight and soft, and should make a very comfortable costume. There’s 4 yards of it there. While I should only need 3.5 yards for the dress, I got a bit extra just in case, as well as I’m still not sure if I’ll be doing flat white buttons or fabric covering the buttons with the little tabs on the bottom.

And this is a picture of the pattern I’ll be working with.

Aeris Beginning Pattern

The pattern is going to need some modifications. You’ll note that the slit in the pattern is on the side, while Aeris’ is in the front. The neckline is also a tad off, but as far as things go, the basic shape of the dress is the same and the length is pretty spot-on as well. I should be able to figure out the modifications with enough patience and newspaper.

Next, some reference images!!

Aeris w/ weapon

Her staff is going to be hard to make. Maybe I can get a little help from the wood-working Mr. Mike… I’ll see if I can pester him into it… Someone will be able to help me. I figure I can make it out of lightweight wood and then paint it with shiny chrome spray paint from an auto supply store.

Aeris Closeup

This is a closeup of Aeris’ facial features. I’m going to need some colored contacts (of the proper power, as I can’t see for beans without my glasses…) to capture that vibrant, vibrant green of her eyes. Her hair, while it is a natural color, is lighter than mine. If I can grow it out long enough before the costume debut, I might be able to do the hairstyle with my real hair. Otherwise, we’re going to end up looking for a wig. (Which might actually not be a bad idea, considering that MASSIVE bow back there.) This picture also gives me a good idea for the texture of the fabric I”m going to need for her jacket/shrug. It looks like suede to me. What do you think?

Aeris Total Package

And here’s a look at the total package.

Wish me luck!! I’ll keep you all updated on the progress.


One thought on “Cosplay – Aerith Gainsborough – Day 1

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