What A Girl Wants

Now, maybe this isn’t what EVERY girl wants…  But in the world of tabletop roleplay games, I’m what is most commonly known as a “dice whore.”  Terrible phrase, eh?  But surprisingly accurate.  I have an affinity for dice.  A gamer really only needs one set of dice.  And a standard set usually takes care of that.  1D20; 1D12; 1D10; 1D8; 4D6; 1D4; and 1D%.  Now, that’s a typical spread for a D20 gamer.  If you’re more into the percentile system, a standard set of dice will probably contain 10D10.

Some gamers have more dice than that.  Some gamers will get a handy stack of extra D6.  Some gamers move into the world of Dungeon/Game Mastering and will be a couple sets of dice so that they can quickly roll 4D8 worth in damage.

Me?  I own what I call “The Dice Purse.”  I own a number of full and complete dice sets as well as the mishmash that comes from buying the infamous “Pound of Dice.”  In fact, I had been having a really terrible week, and Ben bought me the pound of dice to help me feel better.  It was like getting a dozen roses, only better.  These dice are lasting me a heck of a lot longer than the petals on the fragrant flowers.

Thus, I have decided to dedicate a section of my blog to nothing but dice.  Here are some WONDERFUL dice sets that I’d love to add to my collection.  *winkwink*

This first section of dice comes from GameStation.net. This site has an impressive amount of dice, though they aren’t as “high-class” as some of the other dice to come.

This die is purple, pink, and has a stylized Unicorn. Of course I want this in my dice purse. Preferably 10 of them.

easter eggs
This set of dice was actually labeled as a “holiday” set for Easter. I guess they kinda look like Easter Eggs. I am just a fan of pink, and the pearly texture in the dice just seems so elegant. I’d imagine these would be perfect for playing a Bard.

GameStation had a lot of these up and about, but the blue ones were my favorite. They seems to have glitter worked in, but it’s not that tacky glitter that you used when you were a kid and got more on yourself than on the construction paper where the glue was supposed to be. This glitter is clear, translucent, and seems to add a bit of flair to the otherwise plain set of dice. I feel like these belong to a diplomat.

Dark Print
Now, these were extremely interesting. I’ve seen precision dice before. These dice have very sharp sides (note, read as: PAINFUL to step on any, though especially the d4…) so as to perform without any error or other players shouting that your dice are cocked. However, the precision dice I’ve always seen do not have painted numbers. The numbers are clear, and thus, hard to read. These are very easy to read, and I like the color combination.

These are more “typical” precision dice in only that they have the lack of painted numbers like what I’m used to seeing. However, that’s where the “typical” features of these dice end. These dice GLOW IN THE DARK! I mean… you never know when you’re going to be in the middle of a dungeon crawl and the lights go out!! And THEN who’s prepared?

I actually own the d20 for this set. I bought it separate when I got angry at the d20s I was using for a Star Wars Miniatures tournament. (They had angered me by not performing well. I put a stop to that.) I’m in love
with this color combination and the strange glassy look the dice have.

Now this looks like some Fighter dice. Or perhaps a dark Sorceress… Yes…

Now if I’ve got a character working mostly in Ice magic? These are the dice for them.

If I ever play a Moogle in a Final Fantasy game, I will HAVE to find a full set of these dice. Nothing better than playing a neko with a real neko right on the side of your dice!

I don’t have to know when I would ever USE a d16 to want one in my dice bag…

I also feel that every dice bag should contain a d100 out of sheer principle. It’s just a golfball, really, but there just seems to be a feeling of power attached to a die with so many sides…

This overly large d6 (seriously, think the size of your face) doesn’t have to be of any use for me to want it.

Do you and your gaming buddies enjoy a drink while you’re playing into the wee hours of the morning? What better way to serve up some scotch than in this specified “Critical Hit” shotglass?

While I would have preferred d8 or d20 die for my earings, I suppose some really tiny d6-turned-jewelry is nerdy enough.

These next dice come from GameMasterDiceStore.com.

Brushed Steel
These dice are rather small, but are made of brushed steel. They are quite heavy and give a good feeling of weight and bounce to your rolls. They’re a big higher-end than the plastic dice I’ve been mentioning before, but I think they money would be worth it!

These dice are along the same lines as the Brushed Steel above, though they are made of copper instead. They too boast the feeling of weight and the nice bounce added to your rolls.

These delicate little gems are edged in elven script. The script is fancy and gives these dice a definite flair that regular dice just can’t match. Now if only I’d had a set of these when I was playing Tiana, my elvish druid, back in the day…

Playing something a little more post-apocalyptica? These are the dice for you!

Playing an arcane spell-user? Just love dragons? I know I want these dice in MY collection, too!

I almost died when I found these dice. All of these crazily unique dice come from a fantastic site (with a physical location in Texas, I might add…) known as Great Hall Games and Distractions

Amethyst is commonly known for it’s calming tendencies. This crystal calms nerves and has many healing properties. Perfect if you’re a nervous gamer with shaky hands on those dice rolls or if you’re playing a Cleric.

Azurite is renowned for its properties in working with psychic abilities as well as bringing compassion and empathy. I’d love to use these while playing a Sorceress or perhaps a Psion.

Botswana Agate
These dice are crafted from Botswana Agate. Agate is often heralded as a healer of mild physical ailments, such as ankle sprains, bruises, and other minor wounds. Because of this, I’d suggest using these while playing a fighter, or perhaps even a ranger.

Aventurine is a great crystal for people with a lot of stress — which would include YOU Mr. GM! If you’re Game Mastering gets a little strained because you’re nervous, maybe try playing with these Aventurine dice. It’s worth a shot!

Hematite is told to bring courage to those who hold it. This just screams for the Paladin or Knight.

Jasper is told to provide protection as well as aiding in the survival instinct. I’d recommend these for the Barbarian or Druid. After all, if your Barbarian can’t find food in the wilderness and your Druid doesn’t know North from West, you’re in a tough spot!

These dice are crafted from Malachite. Malachite is told to bring strength and endurance. Now, who needs those types of things? Any physical class of course, but I’m leaning toward the Fighters and the Knights.

Rose Quartz
Roze Quartz is wonderful for creativity, art, imagination, music, and writing. ALL of these things are necessary for any roleplaying game. These would be a fantastic standby dice if you’re lost as to where to take a character or just looking for a little inspiration in your Dungeon Mastering. (Not to mention, they’re pink! *wink*)

Is your party lost? Are you in a terrible bind? Let these Snowflake Obsidian dice lead the way out! The stone is thought to bring peace of mind as well as encouraging purity in ALL senses. It helps uproot harmful behavior patterns and loneliness.

Tiger's Eye
Finding yourself frustrated because you never seem to use enough of your Force Points? Scared to use your Destiny Points? Stuck in a roleplaying rut? These dice are made from Tiger’s Eye, a stone long-renowned for the “get up and go” feeling it gives those who hold it.

(The following Dice aren’t as “high class,” but I thought they were so interesting! They’re also from Great Hall Games and Distractions!)

These dice have the numerals written out in ARABIC!

Not a fan of Arabic? TRY HEBREW ON FOR SIZE!

Playing some BESM? Why not go the whole nine yards and find yourself some of these awesome dice with the numbers in Japanese!

Roman Numerals
A little easier to read but still a bit snooty in a way, these d10s are written out in Roman Numerals!

Sign Language
These are completely impractical, but still pretty epic. These d10s are printed with the hand signals for the American Sign Language numbers.

This d6 is made from Pewter, similar to what would have been used to form musket shot.

This handy little device makes rolling 3d6 THAT much easier. >D

I don’t care if they might not work. I want them.

I’ll say it once more. I don’t care if they might not work. I want them.

These dice are actually crafted from Camel bone. They have a very lightweight feel, and I’d imagine these to be a wonderful set of dice for use as a Druid, Barbarian, Monk, Jedi, or any other “simplistic” or “rustic” type class.

So yeah.  Dice don’t have to be those plain old white cubes with black pips you’ve got sitting around in a drawer somewhere.  Dice can be a wonderfully exciting part of ANY Gamer’s life.  Now, if you’ll excuse me… I should clean up these Nerdgasm Squee…

(Oh, and as a side note… Someday, I want THIS to put all my dice in…)

Somehow, having my dice in a Gucci (or similar) purse just SCREAMS epic win.


5 thoughts on “What A Girl Wants

  1. LOL!!! Love the dice! Every time I go to play Star Wars minis, I buy more dice, at least one d20. Mostly because I seem to “break” dice. The roll okay for the first few times, then just keep rolling ones.

    • Well then we just get new ones! After all, if dice want to continue to live happy dice-rolling lives, they’d better perform well!!

    • Finding dice in Fargo isn’t easy either, though I do have a couple of places I can look. But if I want the special fancy dice like a lot of what I featured here, I have to order online. ^.^

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