The Legend of -Zelda-

Yesterday, as I was perusing the internet through Stumbleupon, (yes, I do use Stumbleupon a heck of a lot) and I came across some things that got me thinking.  As I was stumbling through random webpages, I started coming across a lot of really amazing Zelda fanart.  Now, I bookmarked a lot of these images to be put up at a later date in a differently focused blog post.

But as I was looking through all the amazing pictures of Link, I started finding even more impressive works featuring Princess Zelda herself.  I then started wondering if there were works of the same caliber as the images of Link and Zelda.  To my utter delight, I found a few wonderful renditions of Malon of Lon Lon Ranch and even Princess Ruto.  So as I was going through these surprisingly satisfying works of art and bookmarking the ones I especially enjoyed, my mind started to wander.

Then, rather suddenly, a thought struck me.

What if Nintendo produced a Legend of Zelda game featuring the HEROINES of the series as opposed to Link?

Now perhaps this seems a little odd, even crazy.  A Legend of Zelda game where you’re not playing as Link running around to save the day and get the Princess?  What sort of madness am I bringing?  But bear with me.  Link has always been a pretty interesting character.  He’s always been slightly flat, but I’ve never had a problem with that.  Link’s lack of communication and fairly stable facial expressions made it much easier for me to place myself in the game, which is a wonderful attribute for any RPG.  However, these female characters Miyamoto created to inhabit Link’s world are just as intriguing, if not moreso.

I started thinking about what it would be like to play through a game as Princess Zelda or Malon or Ruto.  And as I was thinking, I began to see that they would work immensely well together as a team.  Zelda would fill the magic-wielding role, while Ruto would make a fantastic rogue and Malon would slide nicely into the role of a more physical character, probably wielding a sword and shield.  Saria’s character just screams healer.  Now, while the Ocarina of Time girls are really the only ones I’m intimately familiar with, I’m sure the other games would hold equally well-balanced “teams” through some gentle probing into the less-famous female characters.

I personally think that such a game would be a FANTASTIC endeavor for Nintendo.  I, myself, have been a bit disappointed in Nintendo during this most recent generation of gaming.  Now, let’s note that “a bit” is much different than my saying “Nintendo is stupid, guyz LOL.”  I’ll explore those feeling further in a later post.  But the idea in this post is that as Nintendo should be finishing up the Legend of Zelda series soonish, at least as far as Link is concerned.  And while a game like this would probably not fit well into the canon timeline of the series, it would make a fantastic game if people could accept an alternate timeline for it.

I hope to continue exploring this idea as time goes on.


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