Sometimes, Button Mashing Proves Amazing

In the world of video games, there are many genres.  One of my personal favorites is the Fighter games.  Fighters are often looked down on slightly as not requiring a lot of skill.  There are a handful of fighters out there, yes, that don’t follow this particular trend and that the majority of the gaming world embraces.  But for the most part, “button mashing” tends to be a standard part of any Fighter game.

Now, being a SELF-RESPECTING Fighter player, I pride myself on avoiding the button-mashing tendencies of these games.  When I purchased Soul Calibur II for the Nintendo Gamecube, I immediately fell in love with Seung Mina.  From that moment on, it became my sincerest goal to master her moves and techniques.  I wrote out all the combos in a notebook in order to help improve my cognitive recall of the sometimes complex patterns.  I added descriptions to their official titles so I’d know what each move was without having to perform it to find out.  (In fact, my favorite was one I just called “Repeated Pokey Thingie.”)  However, with that being said, I don’t think that any fighter is really above mashing buttons at some point.  When facing an opponent who is vastly stronger than yourself, sometimes you just can’t help it.  When you’re playing the same boss for the third time, and he’s still kicking your ass, you may lapse into just hitting a bunch of random buttons in hopes that some amazing combo will appear and get you to the next level.

And while that button mashing may occasionally get you past a level, you must not devolve into doing it all the time.  It will quickly become as annoying to your human opponents as what is known as “move whoring.”  (We’ll discuss my anger about move whoring at a later date.)

However, thanks to the great god of StumbleUpon, I came across the following this morning…

Epic T-Shirt of Win

Apparently, button mashing can turn Ryu into an ivory-tickling mastermind.  Who’da thunk “HADOKEN!” could turn into “MOONLIGHT SONATA BIZNATCHES!” …?

Epic T-shirt of win can be purchased here!


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