Late Night Blog Set-Up

Usually by now, I’m chastising myself for not being asleep.  But tonight is a special night.  Tonight, I am getting my name out there.  I am putting out my voice.  I am becoming an advocate for female gamers everywhere.

The Gamer Chick is a mysterious creature, and one that is shrouded in more lore than a Red Dragon.  We’re thought to be lies, traps, clever ruses made up by lonely male nerds looking to impress his buddies.  But the truth of the matter is that we exist.  We’re out there.  And I’m one.

My name is Nateal Falk.

I am a Gamer Chick.

This blog, as you have probably noticed by now, is very feminine in nature.  I’ve created it this way on purpose.  Being a female nerd, I have found that there’s nothing wrong with embracing my feminine side.  I aim to show that nerdiness and femininity can coexist in perfect harmony.  Alongside of that, I hope to start getting a female perspective on as many nerdy venues as I can lay my hands on.  I am an eager learner, and I have much to say about this strange world we call “Nerdom.”

Welcome to Hot Pink Joysticks.  This is not your average gaming blog.


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